Louis Garneau « Never give up…! »; Biographie; Louis Garneau Inc; 2012

Human beings are made in such a way that every event in their lives, happy or sad, is a cornerstone that contributes in some way to the making of the finished building. In this respect, Louis Garneau is no exception to the rule. 

Since the first Garneau arrived in New France in the mid-17th century, through his great-great grandmother, Rose-Anna Vachon, maternal grandmother Alexandrine BlaisLehoux, paternal grandfather Philémon Garneau, and parents Paul Garneau and Jeannine Lehoux, his phenomenal cycling career that took him to the 1984 Los Angeles Olympics, his brilliant art studies, his unconventional meeting with Monique Arsenault, the stunning success of his sports company, and the eagerly-awaited births of his three children, Louis Garneau’s life has unfolded in an uninterrupted series of events that predestined him to become the man who never gives up.

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